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5 point news: Hearing on hijab case in Supreme Court, 5 special things ..

Hearing in hijab case was held in the Supreme Court on Tuesday

New Delhi :
The hearing on the Hijab case was held in the Supreme Court on Tuesday. During the hearing, on the hijab ban, Dushyant Dave said that the government’s argument is that the protection under Articles 25 and 26 is only for those who are an integral and essential part of religion. This practice may be religious practice, but is not an essential and integral part of the practice of that religion.

These special things were said by the Supreme Court during the debate

  1. Justice Dhulia said, can’t we deal with the situation by setting aside essential religious practices?

  2. Supreme Court – Why are we debating essential religious practice? And some of them were not taken up by the HC?

  3. Justice Gupta: A circular has been cited which says that making the dress compulsory is illegal.

  4. Supreme Court – It must be proved beyond doubt that wearing hijab is a threat to public order, public health or morality.

  5. SG- Hijab is not a compulsory practice. Even in countries where Islam is the state religion, women are rebelling against the hijab.

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