If Cadres Want To Get Married Have To Undergo Sterilization Surrender Maoist Says

In an interview to NDTV, Kamalu Vetti, 27, said that a year after their village was burnt down in 2006, the then area commanders Hareram and Vasanti insisted that they all join the movement. He was the one who insisted that he had to undergo a mandatory vasectomy when he wanted to get married. They got married in 2017, but before that, at the age of 22, she had a mandatory vasectomy.

He told NDTV, “When we told our leaders that we wanted to get married, they said, ‘Yes, but only after vasectomy’ I decided to surrender, as we no longer get support or food from the villagers. After surrendering, we wanted to have children. So I have reversed the vasectomy.”

Waititi said Maoist leaders believed that childbirth and subsequent child care would be a hindrance to the movement. They fear that the couple may return to their village to raise their children. So if any cadre gets married, then vasectomy is mandatory. Kamalu Vetti told that life in the organization was difficult, especially for the tribals.

Local tribal activists in Bastar face hardship and persecution by senior Maoist leadership, especially those who speak Telugu. Being in leadership roles, they force the tribals of Bastar to fight at the fore.

“Local cadres undergo vasectomy operations while top Maoist leaders have a normal family life and children,” said a junior-level Kerala functionary who did not wish to be named. The man said, “I want my wife and daughter back. I have separated from them. My family is still living in a Maoist camp.”

Sukma Superintendent of Police Sunil Sharma said, “The rebel cadres had to undergo vasectomy, as it is a precondition for marriage in the rebel camp. But now, as per the surrender policy of the government, reverse vasectomy is offered free of cost. Maoists have surrendered in Raipur hospitals.”

When asked about the family of the former regional committee secretary, he said, “We are planning a special operation so that he can get back his wife and daughter.”

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