Its Cheating Says Wipro Boss On Moonlighting After Firing 300 Employees For It

Wipro has called Moonlighting dishonest with the company.

Wipro boss Rishad Premji said this week that it has fired over 300 people because of “moonlighting”. He said, being part of a band on the weekend is very different from working quietly for a rival company. Global tech company IBM (IBM) has also supported the company that started selling soap, which has dominated the tech world. IBM has a large base in India and now IBM has also termed moonlighting as an “immoral practice”. In the tech world, there is a growing debate about honesty in doing a second job after regular working hours.

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Mr. Premji had recently said in a tweet- “This is a hoax, it is a simple and clear thing.” He once again emphasized this in his speech at the All India Management Association (AIMA) on Wednesday.

He said that today people are working in Wipro and are also working directly for our rival. We have actually traced 300 such people in the last few months who were doing this. He has been fired for breach of integrity.”

Earlier this month, Infosys warned its employees against moonlighting. The Times of India, citing an email sent by Infosys to employees, said that the Human Resources Department of Infosys said moonlighting is against the working conditions of the employee and its violation can lead to job loss. Moonlighting allows the employee to take a job other than the working hours subject to certain conditions

Moonlightning became more prevalent due to Kovid 19 when employees were allowed to work remotely from the office. Especially in the field of information technology, many companies came to know that their employees are working on projects for others along with office work. The companies said that this will affect their productivity and due to this, the interests of the company can be harmed and data theft can also happen.

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