MP: Children Became Professional Without Any Resources, Won Many Medals In Fencing By Practicing With Stick

MP: Children became 'professional' without any resources, won many medals in fencing by practicing with sticks and sticks

The lack of facilities is not limited to Mandla only.


In fencing, Bhavani Devi is waving the flag of the country at the global level. The popularity of this game is increasing day by day, but the resources are not there. However, many times the talent is not captivated by the resources. The children who came to Bhopal from Mandla’s village raised flags of success in the school competition. Now you will say what is special in that? So the special thing is that the children who have won medals in fencing i.e. fencing, they did not practice with sword but with wooden stick and bamboo. Using these, he learned sword fighting. At the same time, many girl students were sitting in the train for the first time to come to the competition.

The children in the picture are from the Government Higher Secondary School, Udaipur in the tribal-dominated Mandla district. Practice fencing with sticks and sticks throughout the year. Sometimes 2 hours then Saturday-Sunday and more. Many children are sitting in the train for the first time to come to Bhopal in the inter school tournament. The team of 70 children has won more than 30 medals.

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Brajesh Parte from Mandla says that we do not have the facility. We practice with a bamboo stick. Practice for 2-2 hours. It was fun playing with the sword here. There is a demand from our government that we should be given swords and clothes. Isha Maravi, who is studying in 9th class, said, “We practice by going to the terrace every day with bamboo sticks.” When we asked whether I was not afraid of the stick, Isha said that they were not afraid, they used to play well. On the question of sitting in the train for the first time, Isha said that it was a lot of fun sitting in the train.

For the success of the children, their coach should also be praised. He is a football coach by the way, but seeing the dedication of the children, he himself worked hard, took fencing training from other districts, from YouTube, from his students. Then without the kit, the children were made capable of winning medals.

Coach Sandeep Verma said, “I am a football coach. There is no ground in the school, so I started fencing. This sporting material is expensive, so we practiced with bamboo sticks. Later, I bought 4-5 swords and got him to practice. Children play on the roof of the school itself.

However, the lack of facilities is not limited to Mandla only. All-in-one coaches in schools in many districts do not even know when the National Fencing Championship was held and what are the big names in fencing in India.

However, these children have been taking part in fencing since 2016. They are setting an example by practicing with sticks and sticks. Parents are farmers, laborers but they lose their pockets in front of their hard work. Year after year, till the Inter School, National, they spread the shine of their sword, but the facilities have not been able to find the address of their school till now. A question remains that where has the money spent in the name of strengthening the fencing infrastructure in many tribal-dominated districts gone.

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