Now The Traditions Of British Era Will Not Be Seen In The Army, Review Started For Indianization

On this, a meeting is also being held with top officials of Army Headquarters and Defense Department. Old rules and policies are being reviewed. The names and methods of the British era will also change. Names of units and regiments can also be changed. There will also be a review of the army uniform and the stars on the shoulder. The use of cannon wagons in the funeral will also be considered.

Retired Army Major General Ashok Kumar says that I basically welcome the change that is going on in the Indian Army at the present time. It is not necessary that there should be change or not, it is important that what do we want to achieve from that change and what do we want to leave behind. There are many such traditions in our Indian Army, which have no direct relation to our performance.

He said that such traditions which do not reflect our Indianness in the true sense and they reflect our colonial era ties. There should be no objection in leaving them, as long as it is not directly related to the morale, enthusiasm of the unit. In the things that are going on now, the relation of many things is over. These things should have been changed earlier and we are very late in this process. Every process that does not advance our potential and our abilities, it is advisable to leave them.

In fact, the customs of the pre-independence era are going on in the army. From eating in the mess to celebrations like Beating Retreat, but now the army has to be Indianised. However, this change has its challenges.

According to the retired Major General of the army, Yash More, a lot of talks are going on nowadays that the system and tradition of the British era has to be changed. Well, it is good that change is a necessary thing, but now this conversation is also happening in the media that a lot of change is needed especially within the army. I believe that there is regimentation system, uniform system and the type of regiment in the army is infantry, armed, which is running largely the same as it was in the British period, but in the last 20-30 years the new regiments and units that have arisen Everyone is all India all class. Indian Army is completely the army of India. Your country’s army.

He said that there is very little trace of the British era left. In the name of tradition, there are talks of World War I, World War II, due to which today’s soldiers are very excited, hearing the name of their unit, what work has been done in the battle. This is a part of history, it should also be studied and there is nothing bad in it as we remember our descendants. Change is needed, I agree, but it would be better if there is at least no political or official interference within the army.

Retired Major General Yash Mor said that in the last 75 years it is an organization which has stood the test of time. Whenever there is a calamity in front of the country, whether it is due to internal reasons or due to any other reason, the army has always come forward to help the people. I request that there should not be any mess with the tradition of the army nor with the recruitment process, leave everything to the army. Whatever the change, all that needs to be done is to take care that the professional capabilities of the army are not affected.

Anyway, the Indian Army is known all over the world for its professional attitude. He has achieved this honor only in the midst of long-standing traditions. It is a good thing that the army should be freed from the colonial legacy. But this work should be done with great care.

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