Policemen Pushing Vehicles Stuck In Water During Heavy Rains In Faridabad

Police - For you, with you: Policemen pushing vehicles stuck in water in heavy rain

Faridabad :

Such videos are often seen on social media, in which policemen are seen helping the general public. One such video has surfaced from Faridabad, Haryana. Due to heavy rains here, the problem of water logging has arisen in the city. All the square squares of the city are filled with water. But the Faridabad Police personnel are trying to provide all possible help to the citizens by staying on their duty amid the water.

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Faridabad Police personnel are pushing themselves to safe places by pushing tempo, car, motorcycle stuck in water. It is the duty of the policemen to keep the roads jam-free. But rising far above his duties, he is seen helping the common people in every possible way, understanding the problems of the common people seriously.

Police spokesman Sube Singh said that it has rained a lot in Faridabad. Due to which many roads got submerged. The problem of traffic jam has arisen at many places, but the traffic police of Faridabad is doing its duty in these adverse circumstances as well as giving its full support in helping the citizens trapped in the rain with full zeal. Along with its duties, the traffic police is doing a commendable job of taking out the citizens trapped in the rain and taking them safely to their destination.

Not only this, Sarai SHO mobile reached the spot in just 3 minutes as soon as the victim called and took out Dr. Arvind safely from the car which had sunk till the roof. Dr Arvind has thanked the Faridabad Police for the commendable work done by the team of Sarai and Palla police station.

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