Religious Aspects Untouched, Hijab Rule Only For Class: Karnataka To Cour

Didn't touch religious aspects, hijab ban only in classrooms: Karnataka government to court

Karnataka government’s statement on hijab issue

The Karnataka government on Wednesday informed the Supreme Court that the state government has not touched on any “religious aspect” in the hijab ban controversy and that the ban is limited to the classroom only. The state government said that hijab is not banned even in school premises outside the classroom. The counsel appearing for the state government insisted that the state has only said that educational institutions can prescribe uniforms for students, which has nothing to do with religion.

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Karnataka Advocate General Prabhuling K. Navadgi told a bench of Justices Hemant Gupta and Sudhanshu Dhulia that countries like France have banned the hijab and women there have become no less Islamic. Navadgi said that unless it is shown that wearing the hijab is compulsory and an essential part of religious practice, protection under Article 25 of the Constitution cannot be granted. The Advocate General told the bench that we do not ban wearing hijab outside the school… There is no restriction in the school premises also. The restriction is only inside the classroom.

The top court was hearing petitions challenging the Karnataka High Court’s decision refusing to lift the ban on hijab in educational institutions in the state. Additional Solicitor General (ASG) KM Natraj, appearing for the state government, said that the entire matter of the petitioners is based on a right and they claim that it is an absolute right. He stressed that the state has neither prohibited nor promoted any religious activity. The bench then asked the ASG, “If they wear hijab, you will not allow them?” Huh.

The bench once again said, “Will you allow a girl wearing a hijab inside the school? Yes or no?” Natraj replied that the school concerned would have to take a decision on the basis of the uniform prescribed by him. Referring to some earlier judgments of the apex court, Navadgi said, “We are not experts in Quran, but the court has said in at least three cases that every word of Quran can be religious, but not necessarily religious. Is. He refuted the arguments of the counsel for the petitioners that the state has taken action against a community. The hearing in the matter will continue on Thursday as well.

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