Six Killed In Two Road Accidents At The Same Place On Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway

6 killed in two road accidents at the same place on Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway


The Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway is once again in the headlines. Recently, former Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry was killed in a car accident. Now between Monday and Tuesday, 6 people died in two road accidents between 24 hours on the Amgaon flyover on this highway. The special thing is that Palghar Police has registered a case against the road repair contract company in this. According to a report, there have been around 262 road accidents on this road this year, in which 62 people have lost their lives.

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According to the police, after the first accident on the bridge built on the Amgaon naka near the Gujarat border in Palghar on the evening of September 19, the RK Jain Infra Company, which has the contract for the maintenance of the road from Manor to Vapi, was informed to fill the pit immediately. It was done, but he did not fill the pit, the result was an accident there on the second day.

Palghar SP Police Balasaheb Patil said that even after giving information now, if some work is not being done, then we have registered a case under IPC 304A by holding the concerned contractor responsible.

On September 4, Cyrus Mistry, the former chairman of Tata Group, was killed in a road accident on the same Ahmedabad highway. According to road safety experts, the accident on the Surya river bridge was the result of poor road design. There the 3 lane road suddenly turns into two lane. According to the primary report of Mercedes-Benz company, the car driver got only 5 seconds which was insufficient.

Palghar SP said that just before the accident the speed of the car was 100 and as soon as he came to know that there was a blockage ahead, the speed was reduced to 89 in 5 seconds. The speed at the time of the collision was 89 kilometers per hour. Earlier there was no information board there. After the accident, it has now been installed.

The information boards that have been installed were not there then. But after the accident, now they have been installed. But no action has been taken regarding the bad design yet. The SP of Palghar says that the Palghar Police has informed the National Highway Authority in writing about the poor design of the road on the highway on the Surya bridge and the absence of an information board. Information about black spots has also been given. Along with this, the Central Agency has also been written to audit the road.

The Central Agency is the only authorized and expert for road audit, after receiving its report, if there is a defect in the design of the road, then further action will be taken to improve it in collaboration with the Highway Authority.

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